Launch of Sleuth Kit Labs

Continuing the mission of the BasisTech DFIR team

I’m pleased to announce the launch of Sleuth Kit Labs, a new company focused on the needs of front line digital investigators.

The core of this new company is the same digital forensics team that was a division of BasisTech for over 15 years. This is the team that developed innovative products like Cyber Triage and Autopsy and hosted large events like OSDFCon and ResponderCon.

Joining this team are training and services groups that will allow us to offer comprehensive cyber incident readiness offerings that go beyond software.

If you are an investigator, Sleuth Kit Labs will continue to ensure you can complete your investigations quickly and comprehensively. That’s always been my goal.

This post outlines some of the motivations for the change and exciting things we have planned for the year to help you all out.

Why The Change?

BasisTech historically housed several independent business units: digital forensics, natural language processing (NLP), and SalesForce search. The NLP business was acquired in Dec 2022.

After the acquisition, BasisTech started to focus on accelerating companies and moved away from direct business operations. As a result, the forensics team has spun out into a new company named Sleuth Kit Labs.

Impact on our Customers

Because it’s the same team and mission, the impact on you will be minimal. The most important thing is ensuring your procurement department updates the company name and tax IDs. Your sales representative will provide those details.

Otherwise, it’s business as usual. All email addresses and phone numbers will work as before. Soon, emails start coming from instead of

New Services and Training to Ensure You are Prepared

Our goal is still to ensure you can complete your investigation quickly and comprehensively. While our tools play a big role in that, tools alone don’t answer everything. Ensuring that your people have the infrastructure, knowledge and support they need is critical.

To accomplish this, Lee Sult joined to head up professional services and Mike Wilkinson joined to head up training.

More details to come, but we are rolling out:

  • Training on Cyber Triage and general incident response concepts
  • Readiness services that ensure your incident response procedures, team, and infrastructure are ready
  • Response services that support your team or, if needed, act as your team during an incident.

I’m excited to be able to provide solutions to all dimensions of digital investigation challenges.

Continued Product Focus on Integrating Data and Scoring

Through Autopsy and Cyber Triage, I’ve always been driven by two themes:

  • Ingest as much data as possible from a variety of sources because the evidence is always scattered in various places.
  • Use analytics to score the massive amounts of data and reduce it to a manageable size

In 2024, we will continue to focus on these themes. Cyber Triage will:

  • Ingest more cloud provider logs, pull data from EDRs, and support more virtual disk formats.
  • Continuously update its artifact scoring based on attack trends, integrate Sigma, and add more incident-level analytics.

Our roadmap is customer-driven, and we appreciate all the discussions we’ve had with them over the years.

Exciting Future

I am excited about the future and how we can help all people on the front lines fighting digital crime. The BasisTech co-founders, Carl Hoffman and Steve Cohen, have always been supportive of that goal, and I truly appreciate their guidance.

Follow Sleuth Kit Labs on X, Linkedin, and Youtube to make sure you get updates on the new offerings. The existing Cyber Triage and Autopsy accounts will also be used for product-specific updates.