Professional Services

To ensure your investigations are fast and complete, we offer services to help you prepare for and respond to a cyber security incident.  These services are often bundled with Cyber Triage licenses and training.

Before an incident, we want to make sure that you have a plan, a team that is ready, and infrastructure that is tuned to your environment:

  • Incident Response Readiness Assessment: A comprehensive review of your plans, people, and infrastructure to identify gaps that could limit your ability to respond to an incident.
  • Incident Response Plan Development: Ensure you have a plan that covers your business needs and sets expectations within your team and stakeholders.
  • Table Top Exercise Facilitation: Build your team’s confidence and decision making skills with scenario-based simulations based on recent attack trends.
  • Cyber Triage Tuning: Optimize the effectiveness of Cyber Triage in your environment to ensure collections happen quickly and false positives are reduced.
  • Advanced Threat Hunting with Cyber Triage: Search your environment for attacks not detected by EDRs or vulnerabilities that could be exploited.

During an incident, having an effective team is critical to ensure the damage is minimized. Our services support you during this stressful time:

  • Advanced Artifact Analysis:  Include our team in your response as needed so that our detailed knowledge of artifacts can be used to understand the use and impact of data found.
  • Incident Response Services: Our team can conduct your investigation if you do not have the in-house expertise.
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